Nehez Meniooh became the Director of The Earth Center in 2013.

Nehez Meniooh humbly arrived at the doors of The Earth Center a decade ago to study with Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America, Nehez received a colonial education prior to embarking on his initiatic journey. Growing up in North America, Nehez could no longer ignore the barbarism and destruction humanity is facing during these times. The recognition of this reality inspired him to seek an education that provides knowledge of the traditions of indigenous peoples; the traditions that have sustained humanity for tens of thousands of years prior to colonialism.

The Meniooh Generation with the Maakheru at their graduation cermony.

The Meniooh Generation with the Maakheru at their graduation cermony in January 2005.

This search led him to The Earth Center and its founder, Master Naba, located in Chicago, Illinois. With great motivation and a readiness to learn he moved to Chicago and joined The Earth Center’s M’TAM initiation. Nehez’s generation was the last to study exclusively under the guidance and profound genius of Master Naba in the USA. Due to his uncompromising commitment to Master Naba’s teachings and unwavering discipline, he was one of two initiates out of an original eleven in his generation who were able to successfully complete the first level of initiation in 2005.

After graduation, Master Naba trained Nehez and granted him the responsibility of teaching and initiating others within the M’TAM schools nationally. Nehez continues to instruct generations of students while training and advising newer instructors. In 2006, Nehez accompanied Master Naba to his homeland on a spiritual pilgrimage to Burkina Faso, West Africa. It is then that Nehez was appointed the overseer and manager of The Earth Center US headquarters school located in Chicago, in addition to becoming the chief healer in the United States.

Following Master Naba’s transition in 2008, Nehez progressed forward with his initiatic studies in the M’TAM education with the assistance of the Ancestors and Elders of traditional initiations. Year after year Nehez travels to Meritah to expand his knowledge base and develop his understanding of Kemetic traditions and culture.

In 2013, Nehez was chosen as the Zeshmi, the international director of The Earth Center organization. He is responsible for the well-being and progress of all the Centers and its initiates worldwide. In his role as international director, Nehez has made both national and international appearances, lecturing the public on varying topics including the Ancestral Spirit, the Dialogue of Energies, Traditional Healing, Kemetic Astronomy, the Sidereal (Pharaonic) Calendar and more.