Become A Kem

A monument to His Majesty Behanzin, King of Dahomey. Behanzin is famous for his resistance to French invasions.

The human being should focus on the search for self; a self that has nothing in common with the ego, but that enters in harmony with all that is in existence. And to reach this goal, one should declare war inside oneself; one should try to surround one’s ego and destroy it because the ego is the one thing that makes it difficult for us to simply stay outside of the destruction/self-destruction cycle.

We should learn to approach ourselves. We should agree to take charge of our spiritual evolution. “The self must become the master of the self. If not, which other master can it have?” a priest of Amon said.

Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

from Rising Firefly vol. 60

The Earth Center is leading a global movement to reconnect humanity with the existing Kemetic Civilisation. We are reuniting under the original spiritual system, governmental structures and cultural values that first inspired humanity for so long and so effectively. Humanity is waking up to the fact that the ancient traditions still have the solution to our problems. The fascination with Kemet (Ancient Egypt and Pre-Colonial Africa) cannot be considered a fad. It is a result of this awakening and a quest to discover humanity’s origins.

The life of a Kem is extremely rewarding but also extremely challenging. The modern ideologies have shaped our minds and made us to doubt, fear or hate the principles that Kemetic Culture is built on, such as polytheism and Ancestor worship. A pilgrim on the spiritual journey to become Kem will have to invest all his/her efforts in the paradigm shift. This shift requires pilgrims to question everything that we have been taught in our lives. This is a process of going within the self and changing beliefs, attitudes and habits that have been the source of pride, comfort or success within the modern world. This process requires the utmost courage and discipline but it is necessary to transform ourselves from children of colonialism to children of Kemet.

If you are ready to make the commitment to become a Kem, there are 10 requirements that you must vow to follow. Understand that this is a very serious spiritual commitment. Once you make this commitment, you are responsible for acting accordingly for the rest of your life. You will never again have the excuse that you did not know better when it will be time for you to face the history you have written for yourself.

The Ten Requirements of a Kem

  1. Acknowledge, honour and validate the Divine World
  2. Acknowledge, honour and validate the World of the Dead
  3. Maintain the purity of the body, mind and spirit
  4. Apply the 77 Commandments
  5. Perform the daily spiritual activities
  6. Listen, accept and obey the word of Gods
  7. All Kem people protect, honour and respect each other
  8. It is an absolute obligation for a Kem to perform charitable acts towards Kem people
  9. Provide an annual offering to the temple
  10. Go on an annual pilgrimage to Meritah (Africa)

You have reached a crossroads in your destiny.

Will you take the vow to live by the these 10 requirements?


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