Dogon Elders


Contrary to widespread belief, the Dogon are not just a small tribe that lives in Mali. Dogon are comprised of many different bloodlines that represent the elite of the Pharaonic society. Dogon bloodlines include the families of Naba (healers/priests), Woba (farmers), Yonlis (guardians of the kingship), Kediou (builders), Mende (blacksmiths), etc. These bloodlines are found in tribes such as Gourmantche, Chibisi, Dogomba, Farafara, Sonike, Germa, etc. The Dogon once lived in the Nile Valley but migrated inland during the invasion around 400 BC. Today, the Dogon can be found living by the bend in the Niger River.

The name “Dogon” comes from the word “dogou”, which means land. The Dogon are considered the landlords of Africa and their culture aims at preserving the Earth and everything that lives on it. The Dogon culture has remained uninterrupted since the time of the Pharaohs. Its members are Kemetic people who, during the periods of invasion, migrated so that their culture and spirituality could be kept pure. The Dogon culture now resides in a land-locked area and has succeeded in preserving its deep cultural and spiritual knowledge because of its very strong and strict rules of initiation.

The Earth Center, as an institution established by the spiritual professionals (Nabas) of the Dogon culture, belongs to the Ancestral and Divine world. Dogon Elders of the continent of Meritah support the mission of The Earth Center as it is dictated by the Gods and Ancestors of the shrines they maintain. The Earth Center is seeking to reconnect the descendents of Kemetic culture to their ancestral heritage. The Dogon Elders do much to ensure the survival of the descendents of Kemet, manipulating the energies of existence in order to preserve the species from the destruction/self-destruction cycle. Master Naba is a rare Dogon Spiritual Master in that he left his home to physically affect the Diaspora at large. The Earth Center, during our Annual pilgrimage and through our mission, honors Dogon culture. A culture that has maintained the human spiritual connection with our origins and planet.