The Earth Center’s mission, started by Prophet Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, brings something different to those who wish change . In order to address the destruction humanity is facing and bring about positive change, the Prophet instructed and guided people to use the traditions, practices and ideologies of their Ancestors rather than those of the colonizers’.

Our Ancestors’ ways worked and sustained humanity for millennia, so why not return to those practices in order to adopt a sustainable way of life?  It is the continent of Meritah (Africa) that holds the origins to all subject matters and foundations of knowledge, including, mathematics, science, medicine, spirituality, etc. so humanity needs to return to this knowledge base and credit the intellectual, physical and spiritual investments of our Ancestors. We must return to this knowledge base in order to reconnect with our culture, values and history.

As the descendants of people who were brutally disconnected from those foundational values, we are left at a disadvantage. We have been brought up by the colonizers and therefore we do not have an understanding of how to return to the ways of our ancestors. For 20 years The Earth Center has been paving the way for those who understand the importance of dropping our colonial conditioning and reclaiming our Ancestral heritage.

Due to many requests, in addition to initiation, The Earth Center is now extending another opportunity for those interested in assisting in this mission to become involved and make impactful contributions to this cultural revolution. The Earth Center is offering Memberships for individuals to participate in the activities that affect the inner and daily workings of the organization. Memberships also allow individuals to give their efforts and energy towards keeping the Prophet’s work going by participating in our various committees as outlined below.


Types of Memberships Available


Allied Member                                                     Active Member

Access to committees                                                  Access to committees

Access to board meetings                                           Access to board meetings

$50 per year                                                          Voting Capability

                                                                             $100 Per year



  1. Fill out the application
  2. Make a payment
  3. Board of directors reviews your application
  4. A letter will be sent to your address
    1. If denied, you will be reimbursed for your initial payment
  5. A representative will contact you by phone


How to Get Involved

Board Members can assist with:

  • examining and approving budgets
  • set fees for active and allied members
  • Assist with reviewing and amending the constitution when necessary
  • Voting for Board of Directors (Active members only)


Members can also choose to volunteer their time in the following committees


o Non-Profit

  • Assist in hiring of financial services
  • Construction/design of annual report-non-profit
  • Assisting with registration and licenses-non-profit
  • Assist in hiring of legal services
  • Appoint auditors
  • Assist with donor projects


o IT

  • Test the website
  • Test apps
  • Assist with social media marketing
  • Video Mastering
  • Audio Mastering
  • Web Mastering
  • Live lecture hosting project
  • Fundraising for technical equipment
  • Research and Development - P.O.S. systems, international shipping methods, technical marketing Solutions, etc.


o M’Tam

  • Collaboration and outreach with any organization that shares common objectives and goals
  • Assist in maintaining our Customer Marketing Database.
  • Promote events to current customers via phone calls
  • Assist with creating and distributing marketing materials
  • Take surveys and do reviews of our products and promotional materials to give us critical feedback.


o Fundraising

  • Accept gifts, donations, and bequeathments
  • Grant writing


o Ankhkasta

  • Assist with Videography
  • Social media marketing


o Projects and Distribution

  • Assist with distributing our publications
  • Constant contact database management




Active & Allied Membership Application

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