International Projects

The Earth Center"The Sun Never Sets...It Is Man Who Moves Away From The Light"
The Earth Center is an institution of the Kemetic society. Kemet represents the origin of human tradition, and our traditions represent an accumulation of information passed down from our Ancestors to ensure our harmony and survival. It is for this reason that the leaders of Kemet saw themselves as landlords (responsible) of the Earth. The Earth Center is dedicated to bringing that wisdom forth through various projects that benefit our global human family. This is the heritage of the landlords, and through the M’TAM schools we work to reconnect more and more individuals from around the world with their Ancestral legacy. We also wish to join forces with those around the world who have fought to preserve Ancestral traditions for generations.
Fund The Next School

Fund Next School

Help The Earth Center bring the M’TAM education around the world.

Indigenous Unity

Indigenous Unity

As ambassadors of Kemet we are building alliances with traditionalists around the globe.