Mandala of Denderah

Kem Map of the Sky

Click image to purchase Mandala of Denderah poster.

Click image to purchase Mandala of Denderah poster.

For countless years, millions upon millions of people look to the sky for many reasons. People may look to the sky for inspiration or enjoyment; they may read some obscure horoscopes with hopes of a better tomorrow; or the astronomy bug may take them just a little farther and they may attempt to name constellations, etc. But how many have ever taken a moment to ask themselves the question, “Is there a map of the sky?” For the number of those that did ask, they received lie upon lie about the positions and names(true names) of the stars and constellations. Take a moment to relax, sit down, and take a deep breath, because those questions are about to be answered.

The Earth Center, under the spiritual guidance of Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, is about to present to the public something many eyes have not seen and even more ears have not heard - the truth about the original map of the sky. This map is called the Mandala of Denderah, and it is the most impressive, most accurate and most astonishing representation of the original outline of the sky. The Mandala of Denderah is the original map of the sky. It is the very first map of the sky which displays all of the constellations with their original Kemetic names. The original inhabitants of the Nile Valley developed this map to identify their surroundings, and it can still be found in the temples of Dendera (renamed Elephantine by the Greeks).

The Mandala of Denderah precedes all modern history and is over 54,000 years old. It is clearly older than many civilizations on the planet and has been reproduced by various societies. It has been plagiarized by the Greeks, Arabs, Chinese, and the Hitittes to name a few. Each group has changed the Mandala of Denderah to establish their own cultural identity with the map. For example, on the Chinese calendar, a dragon resides in the same position where a crocodile resides in the Mandala of Dendera. When looking at the Mayan calendar, one can see its close resemblance to the Kemetic map. Hence, the map was changed from astronomical accuracy to a cultural expression for each group of people.

“All the charts that we see now, even the astronomical charts of the sky, are degenerations of the Mandala of Denderah. The map has been reproduced in various areas around the world. But what is happening is that every tribe or culture tries to add their identity to the Mandala by transforming aspects of the map itself,” explains Naba. Most of the public does not realize how easy corruption can be introduced into a spiritual and factual map. “For example, it is very easy to replace the bull with the bear, because the bull and the bear (form-wise) will look the same. Now we call the bear the 'Big Dipper.' The Big Dipper's astronomical name is 'Usra Major', Ursa meaning bear. So, you have 'big bear' and 'small bear'.” Things degenerate very easily and quickly when cultural expression is exchanged for astronomical accuracy. Different people put their own cultural flavor or influence on it, and that is what has affected the knowledge. “You start doing something with a reason, and in time the reasons of why you are doing it change. You see it as evolution, but the truth is it is more like a degeneration. When the reason is changing and the act is exactly the same, it happens as a distraction - this is how easily a human being forgets why he does things. He always has to convince himself of why he is doing something, so when he forgets why he was doing something, he makes up another reason to explain why he is doing it.” Naba says.

TRF: What is the Mandala?

Naba: The Mandala is just a map or chart. It is from that original word that we have different spiritual drawings that are called mandalas as well. For example, Tibetan maps all the charts will be called mandala.

TRF: Has the map of the sky changed since the original Mandala of Denderah was created?

Naba: The Mandala doesn't change because the constellation is represented as static stars - stars that don't move or that move extremely slowly. The change is slow and is above human comprehension, so for a human being, it is literally impossible to notice it. The oldest estimate is the equivalence of the rhythm of one degree every three to four hundred thousand years.

TRF: Does the Mandala tell a story?

Naba: The Mandala was not made with a goal of entertaining, If you look, you will see that the representations in the first circle are made of thirty-six constellations. All of them have an astronomical time line, which is ten days. If you set a fixed point on the map, it will take 10 days to go from constellation to constellation.

TRF: Are the outer representations Gods and Goddesses?

Naba: Yes, as you look you can see a double Heru and Aishat. Then the representations follow the pattern of Heru, Heru, Aishat, Heru, Heru, and Aishat, with a distance between them being the same: 45 degrees.

TRF: Is there a reason for the double Heru and Aishat?

Naba: The Southern pole and the Northern pole are governed by Aishat, and the space between is governed by Heru. But the truth is that the four Aishats are positioned on the four corners, which is North, South, East and West. The double Herus are in between the four corners at forty five degrees.

TRF: Ho w was the God or Goddess of a particular constellation determined?

Naba: It was determined when the human being was the closest to the Gods. It was not a situation of a human being discovering which God is dedicated to which constellation; it was a human being discovering a constellation and then finding out that it belongs to one of the gods.

TRF: How old is the Mandala of Denderah?

Naba: It is at least 54,000 years old. Since the Europeans took over, their map of the sky has changed. For the last 600 years the map of the sky has been changed at least 100 times! Before the Europeans started developing interest in astronomy, it was the Arabic people that made it their job to change all the names of the stars into the Arabic language. While this was happening, the Chinese people were changing all the names into Chinese and reconfigurating the drawings. When "white" people came into play, they had a convention to get Arabs to name some of the stars and leave some for Europeans to name. So some of them took Arabic names and others took Latin names. Then the Europeans, like every superpower that comes up, wants to colonize the sky. I recently saw an advertisement that says you can name a star - now America feels that they are a superpower and they want to colonize/re-name every star.

TRF: What affect does this have on astronomy?

Naba: During the cold war, Russia said that they were doing most of the work identifying most of the stars, and that they deserved to name them. When they noticed a star, they put their name on it. It became a big mess. So basically, astronomy is becoming more difficult because of politics. First they said that whoever colonizes the land is the most powerful, so they colonized everything. Then they changed the rules to whoever is colonizing the stars is the most powerful. Some people now are even buying land on the moon! Some guy came up with this scam - you can find it on the internet. It sells for like 200 dollars for an acre. The irony is that there are people in England that are claiming they own the land on the moon! It all boils down to the degeneration of human kind.

TCF: What about the other Zodiacs?

Naba: The other zodiacs are all based on this original map of the sky. We included the "modern" zodiac on the poster of the Mandala of Denderah. If you look at the original map of the sky, you will see the same zodiac symbols that the Greeks introduced as their own. The Mandala of Dendera is the world's oldest and only true map of the sky with everything in it's exact location. It is the symbol of people who inhabited the Nile Valley and their vast wisdom of mathematics, art and astronomy.

It is clear that everybody goes to Merita (Africa) to look for and gather knowledge, and astronomical knowledge has not escaped this reality. Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig has resurrected The Mandala of Denderah and has presented this important knowledge to the public in the form of a poster. It represents the regeneration of human knowledge and true astronomical knowledge, and we should all have one to place on our walls with pride.