What Is Kemet?

Kemet is humanity’s oldest documented culture and the inspiration for everything associated with civilisation and human genius. Kemet is most commonly associated with Ancient Egypt. It is the civilisation that produced the pharaohs, the pyramids, the hieroglyphs and countless wonders that modern scientists, engineers and academics still do not understand. Unfortunately, most sources offering insight into Kemet are foreigners to the culture and are incapable of representing it accurately.

Here are some notable misunderstandings about Kemet

  • Kemet was located where modern day Egypt is

Kemet has never been limited by geographical borders. Kemet is any land under the care of Kemetic people. While the Nile Valley region was the capital of Kemet and the seat of the Pharaoh, Kemet is a global culture with a historical presence on every habitable continent. Evidence of its global reach can be seen in the pyramids and other great structures across the world which are strikingly similar to structures found along the Nile Valley. Kemet is the mother culture to all cultures considered indigenous or native in the world. Evidence can be easily seen in the many common values, traditions and cultural expressions of indigenous cultures worldwide.

  • Kemet is a dead civilization

Historically, Kemet was known worldwide for its mastery of nature and the stability of its civilisation. This stability and mastery enabled Kemet to amass great wealth as seen in the great monuments that are still standing after thousands of years of neglect and pillaging. This wealth attracted the envy of barbarian societies from the north and east where food and resources were scarce. These societies invaded and looted Kemet for thousands of years until the leaders of Kemet decided to abandon the Nile Valley and relocate and rebuild in other places in the world, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa. To avoid attracting attention, Kemetic societies no longer constructs the large monuments as before, however the culture continues to be preserved intact.

  • Kemet was not an African Civilization

Now that modern science has agreed that humanity originated in Africa and concrete evidence of a civilisation preexisting Kemet cannot be shown, it should be obvious that the first humans created the first civilization all on the continent of Africa. However, a consistent effort has been made by the powers of the modern world to depict Kemetic Civilisation having Arab, Hebrew or even European origins. While the modern day “Egyptian” is more commonly of Arabian descent, this is the result of the aforementioned migration of Kemetic people away from the Nile Valley. There many clear connections between Kemetic Culture and the many African Cultures across the continent. Some of the most obvious connections are polytheism and Ancestor worship, both of which Arab cultures reject.

Why is Kemet important?

Kemet is humanity’s first civilisation. It is the first organised system human beings used to separate ourselves from animal behavior. The goal of Kemetic Civilisation has always been to provide humanity with a model and a support system to live in harmony with nature and to advance towards the Divine World. With over 100,000 years of collective knowledge, Kemet stands as the most advanced and refined culture in human history. Under the majesty of Kemet, humanity prospered and nature was preserved. The scientific discoveries and technological advances of Kemet are still unmatched by modern societies and the spiritual understandings remain a complete mystery to outsiders. By contrast, what can we say about the modern alternatives?

“Humanity has continued its so-called ‘glorious progress’, pulled by the nose by a system that has become master in the art of fooling and manipulating people.  A materialistic philosophy had, in all logic, led to the constitution of a society with values based almost entirely on the appearance of things.  For individuals, emphasis of the superficial aspect of modern society threw away the depths and the essence of things themselves.  Time after time this system finds itself in absurd situations because the preceding logic on which it depends does not function anymore.  When this occurs, new ideas are very quickly injected by the holders of power or by leaders who desperately try to keep their heads above water.”

Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

From Philosophy Podium: A Dogon Perspective

The problems humanity is not facing are the result of the ignorance of modern societies. Only knowledge can bring humanity through this dark period. This is not a time for trial and error experimentation. Humanity has a social system that is proven to work since times immemorial. After 2000+ years of living under corrupt leaders who seem to only be inspired by the unending struggle for power, it’s time for humanity to return to what works.

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