Life of a Kem

XIR68337 Archers, detail from the hunt of Ramesses III (c.1184-1153 BC) from the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III, New Kingdom (sandstone) by Egyptian, 20th Dynasty (1200-1085 BC) sandstone Medinet Habu, Thebes, Egypt Giraudon Egyptian, out of copyright

The one who is looking for knowledge is like an arrow shot towards the sun. If that arrow ever touches the sun, it will not come back; but if it touches the sun and comes back to Earth, it will no longer be an arrow. There always comes a moment in the life of those looking for light when everything that has been part of a solid foundation and the base of notions, facts, logics, beliefs, etc. simply disappears at their feet, giving each the impression of being left suspended in emptiness despite the presence of notable phenomena that include him or her in their becoming.

In M’TAM education, we say that on that level, the student or pilgrim has reached the first gate of gates. He is ready to access the superior plan and awaits a teacher to stretch forth a hand. Pilgrims will learn to look beyond what they see; they will analyse and criticise their methods of investigation instead of the phenomena they observe. They will evolve towards a serene approach towards the world. The doors of the Kem will open to them; they will become Kem and will each live in the obsession of playing a perfect role for the becoming of existence. They will accept the Seventy-seven commandments; they will learn the ablution; they will honour all the Gods; they will make offerings to their Ancestors; and so on.

– Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

From the  Introduction to The Philosophy Podium: A Dogon Perspective

This path of a Kem will be the most difficult you will ever faced. The easy and pleasurable path leads to weakness and self-destruction. The forces of evil and destruction are the most powerful. A human being needs to be taught how to survive evil. To know how to identify evil and fight evil within ourselves requires our constant effort and attention. Make this effort your constant obsession. This is the only way to evolve as a human being. If you are ready to accept this reality, continue reading and always remember our proverb:

“Corruption always goes downhill.”

Now that you have taken this vow, your actions from this point will be judged on the fact that you have been exposed to these requirements. You will no longer have the excuse of not knowing. You must spend the rest of your life committed to this vow you have taken in everything you think say and do. When your life is over, you will be judged accordingly.

This page is a study guide for anyone seeking to become a Kem. The study materials recommended on this page are available on The Earth Center’s online store and at all of our locations. To have the full support of The Earth Center, it is ideal to join the M’TAM initiation which is available at any of our locations worldwide. If joining the initiation is not a realistic option at this time, we have provided this page to offer a limited guide for the honest seeker. The Earth Centers are all accessible by phone to answer further questions, however there is a limit to what may be discussed outside of the doors of initiation. Nevertheless, this page provides valuable resources for anyone with the goal of becoming a Kem.

“Our survival requires that we apply the rules of survival. Reconquer your Spirituality.”

–  Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

There are ten requirements for being a Kem. Study these requirements, live according to them and shame will never fall upon you.

The Ten Requirements of a Kem

  1. Acknowledge, honour and validate the Divine World
  2. Acknowledge, honour and validate the World of the Dead
  3. Maintain the purity of the body, mind and spirit
  4. Apply the 77 Commandments
  5. Perform the daily spiritual activities
  6. Listen, accept and obey the words of Gods
  7. All Kem people protect, honour and respect each other
  8. It is an absolute obligation for a Kem to perform charitable acts towards Kem people
  9. Provide an annual offering to the temple
  10. Go on an annual pilgrimage to Meritah (Africa)