Life of a Kem

life-of-a-kemThe one who is looking for knowledge is like an arrow shot towards the sun. If that arrow ever touches the sun, it will not come back; but if it touches the sun and comes back to Earth, it will no longer be an arrow. There always comes a moment in the life of those looking for light when everything that has been part of a solid foundation and the base of notions, facts, logics, beliefs, etc. simply disappears at their feet, giving each the impression of being left suspended in emptiness despite the presence of notable phenomena that include him or her in their becoming. In M'TAM education, we say that on that level, the student or pilgrim has reached the first gate of gates. He is ready to access the superior plan and awaits a teacher to stretch forth a hand. Pilgrims will learn to look beyond what they see; they will analyse and criticise their methods of investigation of the phenomena they observe. They will evolve towards a serene approach towards the world. The doors of the Kem will open to them; they will become Kem and will each live in the obsession of playing a perfect role for the becoming of existence. They will accept the Seventy-seven commandments; they will learn the ablution; they will honour all the Gods; they will make offerings to their ancestors; and so on. - excerpt from the Introduction to The Philosophy Podium Revised Edition Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig.

life-of-a-kem-2The social movement that accompanied the Kemetic spiritual system is the movement of the Kem. Kem in this sense takes on a double meaning. It is short for Kemioo or person of Kemet but it also means "to search and find" referring to this "obsession of playing a perfect role for the becoming of the existence" as mentioned earlier.

Each individual should perform a self-transformation into a Kem. A Kem is a person who is conscious of the importance of harmony in his actions, in his becoming, and in the becoming of the whole universe under the supervision of Gods. The Kem sustains consciousness of the notion of a dialogue of energies, of the laws of Heru-Seth and the harmony that affects these dialogues. He knows that, for the Gods and the universe, the principle of harmonisation is sacred...

There are 10 requirements to being a Kem. One must vow to follow them, and live their lives accordingly so as to have success in achieving this harmony.