Book of Purification


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Next Manuscript: Book of Purification
Fund the printing of Master Naba’s next manuscript, presenting the original Kemetic prayers and purification.

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Book of Purification

The long anticipated next release of Master Naba’s many unpublished books, the Book of Purification, will make its mark in history. This will be the first book providing an in depth instruction into the technical process of spiritual purification and prayer, according to the original Kemetic teachings, made available in the modern world. These instructions are provided in the original Medu (Hieroglyphs) and English.

Master Naba introduces and explains the following topics:
The perfect model presented by the Divine World
The corrupt nature of the human body
The importance of spiritual purification and why it is a necessary prerequisite for spiritual activity
The effect of fire in purification
The role of the human Ancestors and Ancestral lineages
The energetic nature of the cardinal directions
The place and time for prayer
Traditional days for spiritual activity according to the Kemetic Sidereal Calendar
Lamentations to our Ancestors and why we lament
The two human destinies

Master Naba also gives detailed instructions on the technical process of spiritual activity:
Purification of the human body and spirit using the four elements
Purification of objects and spaces
Positions for prayer and how to pray
Kemetic prayers in Medu
Chants to the Neteru (Gods)
Offerings to the Divine World and to the Ancestors

Master Naba's Book of Purification will provide an essential resource to any seeker of spirituality, and a tool for the re-unification of humanity under the original form of spiritual purification and prayer.