Farming Project


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Phase 1: Clearing and Tiling - $7000 Fund the next phase of this project now, and help us to see this to fruition.

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Farming Project

The farming project is directly connected to the traditional healing center. A portion of the crops harvested from the farming project will be used to feed the residents of the center, and another portion can be sold at market in order to generate any necessary funds for day-to day operation and maintenance of the center. These crops will include, yams, cassava, rice, corn, and black eyed peas during the main harvest season(rainy season). During the off-season (dry season) the crops will include vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and garlic. 2010 was the first year for the farming of the land, and we were able to plant several hectares of cassava and yam crops. The amount of land dedicated to the farming project will be drastically increased once more land is cleared and tilled.

Long term Goals for the Farming Project:

Farming Hands:

We foresee the need for a dedicated group of people on site to oversee, till, weed, plant and work on the land. We also need to invest in cattle to work and till the land. We project, for this upcoming year, that the farming project is estimated to yield 10 to 15 cultivated hectares.

Animal Breeding:

We are planning to breed goats and rams, as well as chickens, guinea fowl, and ducks. We are also planning to have fish farming there as well. There is also a plan to produce chicken eggs, instead of continually breeding chickens because of land space,.


After the rainy season, everyone stops farming, and moves to gardening. This is the cultivation of onions, and tomatoes, on the part of the land designated for that.

Transformation unity:

(the processing of farming yield into other products)

There is a plan for hot peppers to be grown, and upon harvest they will be processed into powder on the land. We also expect to be able to produce traditional cheese and yogurt from the milk that the cows will be producing. There is a plan to produce shea butter and traditional soap. We are also exploring the possibilities of utilizing the waste from these projects for something else as well in the transformation unit.


We must choose parts of the land for mango, papaya, guava, orange and lemon, and other trees that can be easily grown there.

Ankhkasta farming:

This is the part reserved for Ankhkasta to grow, produce, and save the herbs. These would be traditional medicines and herbs used for Ankhkasta healing work.