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London Earth Center

Help us send two teachers to London and pay for our start up money in our new center in London.
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The Earth Center’s mission is to create a bridge from the initiation systems of the living Kemetic civilisation that individuals in the modern world can use to return to their ancestral culture, values and paradigm. In achieving this, our work has brought us to seven locations in a little more than 15 years. Through our web presence and the international distribution of Firefly Productions publications we are constantly receiving interest from people all over the world who wish to have a center in their location. We tell them any area where there are twenty-five people who are dedicated to starting the initiation becomes our priority. This group will also have to search for a home for the center and the classes. You can donate to the expenses and start up money involved in starting a new center and contribute to the spread of this invaluable knowledge around the world.

The London Centre
London, England is the site of our next location. Help us fund the development of our London Centre. Your contribution will assist in
Travel & Lodging Expenses for Instructors to the UK
Office Equipment/Furniture
School Supplies
Computing Equipment
Rent &amp Utility Expenses