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This project will benefit people from all over the world.

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Ankhkasta Healing Center

The healing center is a long term plan, that once financed, will result in the construction and staffing of a traditional hospital. This project will take place on the 100 hectare land owned by The Earth Center in central Togo. This will be truly revolutionary, but at this time it is at the mercy of our lack of funding for the preparation of the 100 hectare land. This preparation of the 100-hectare land is necessary for the conditions to be suitable for construction and sustained habitability.

The traditional hospital and healing center will be a one-of-a-kind center for traditional medicine, in that it will be entirely staffed by traditional healers from the region, who will only use traditional medicines and methods with the twofold goal of providing healing to local and international patients, as well as preserving the traditional techniques and knowledge for future generations of healers through ongoing local and international apprenticeship programs for Earth Center Initiates.