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Mamos of La Sierra in Columbia:

We have been invited by the Mamos to their home in the mountains of Columbia. Help us raise the funds to purchase tickets for four Dogon representatives.

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The Indigenous Unity Project is a long term vision of creating a network amongst the elders from various societies and cultures around the planet who have maintained the purity of their traditions.

Over the past 3 years, we have traveled as ambassadors of the Temples and Kingships of Merita (Africa), meeting with other indigenous communities, with the goal of preserving traditional culture on a worldwide scale.

One of the critical things that we have learned in our travels is that, all of these pre-colonial, and pre-religious traditional cultures have many more things in common than not. The differences are only small regional variations because of the land where they live and climate.

We see the same ceremonies being held by cultures at opposite ends of the planet, and we see the traditional priests who acknowledge the same principles in nature as observed on Earth. It is absolutely critical that we continue to travel and make these connections so that the traditions of the world may unify themselves, and undo the “divide and conquer” psychology that has been imposed on many traditional communities. This “divide and conquer” approach seeks to isolate groups of traditional people and attempts to relegate them to a psychological posture where they will truly see themselves as alone in their battle to sustain themselves. Every day, we are fighting to undo the ravages of colonialism on our Original Cultures worldwide.

This is not possible without funding. When we travel to these locations to meet with the elders, we are always faced with the challenges of purchasing plane tickets and visas which are very costly. There are many journeys which cannot be realized due to funding. These journeys are of the utmost importance because weeks, months, and years pass by, and this passage of time, without forging these connections, allows for the fertile ground upon which the alienation placed on these cultures by colonialism continue to yield their unsavory and tragic fruits.

Above is Tata Kachora a well known Yaqui priest/healer who is a pioneer and elder in the unification process