Preserving Tradition


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The next site to be purchased is just outside Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
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Preserving Tradition
The Earth Center is an institution sent out by the Great Temples of the existing Kemetic culture. The keepers of this culture, this legacy reaching back to humanity’s spiritual enlightenment, have ensured the survival of their traditions through secrecy. Today, it is clear that humanity needs these traditions to escape disaster and the traditions need humanity to protect them from being enveloped by the monotonous, materialistic culture of modern man.
In the spirit of this preservation, The Earth Center leads a project to purchase lands which hold Kemetic sacred sites. This project keeps valuable spiritual resources from being lost to development companies and politician who disregard their spiritual significance. The Earth Center makes these lands available to the existing community of Kemetic priests who carry on our ancestral traditions.
Put your resources behind protecting these sacred sites and make your contribution to ensuring the spiritual professionals of Kemet can continue working for the harmony of humanity on Earth.