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Next Project: Ancestors and Human Destiny
Fund the remastering of Master Naba’s lecture the power of the ancestral spirit in our lives.
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Remastered DVDs

Master Naba gave profound lectures on many topics. These lectures are being remastered for release on DVD. The next release will be:


Ancestors and Human Destiny

This lecture is a perfect starting point for the seeker of spirituality. The viewer will be exposed to the nature the human connection to the spiritual existence. The ancestral spirit is a necessary part of all human spirituality that has been erased from the consciousness of the believers in modern religion and science. Master Naba exposes the consequences of this loss of consciousness and the importance of honoring our ancestors in understanding our place in the spiritual existence.

Master Naba brings needed clarity and detail to the
following topics.

What is an ancestor?
Our connection to our bloodline
Our relationship with our ancestors
Consequences of not honoring our ancestors
The spiritual goal of the human being
Upcoming lectures for release on DVD
Traditional Education VS Modern Education
Holy Drama
Kemetic Cosmogony