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The Rising Firefly Magazine

The Rising Firefly is the anchor publication of Firefly Productions. This quarterly publication has been one of the most influential publications for people around the world seeking culture and spirituality, many of whom become students at the The Earth Center. The Rising Firefly is the world’s largest journal of Traditional African/Kemetic Culture and Philosophy. It contains in depth exposure into the following subjects.

Kemetic Values
Indigenous Spirituality
World History
Traditional Healing
Kemetic Parables
Monthly Earth Energy Readings

The purpose of the Rising Firefly is to promote diversity and awareness as we work to educate humanity about our ancestral origins to help promote unity amongst all people. The Rising Firefly is written and produced from the perspective of the Kemetic Culture. As the African continent is the Cradle of all Civilizations, we affirm that by returning to the origins of civilization, humanity can be united. The Rising Firefly brings light to the darkness for the seeker of humanity's roots, "Illuminating the depths of the mind."

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