Well Building


$28,000 of $28,000

Phase 1: 4 Pure Water Projects in Togo - $28,000 Fund the next phase of this project now, and help us to see this to fruition.

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Sustainable Development (Well Building)

We originally built a well in Tambiga Burkina Faso for the local villagers.

It is a covered, deep, well that provides a constant source of water for the villagers from miles around on a year-round basis. This was a huge accomplishment, funded by donations. This costly affair requires a little more than 10,000 USD in order to construct a quality well. Just this year, a piece on the well broke, and we needed to fix it. That project was accomplished, and we now seek to build more wells in other villages in Burkina Faso and Togo, where they are needed.

Four Pure Water Projects in Central Togo

We now look to construct two covered, deep, water wells on the site of the Ankhkasta Healing Center located just outside Tchaoudjo (Sokode), Togo. A third will be constructed on The Earth Center’s farmlands not too far away.

In this period we will also be bringing running water to The Tem House (House of Tradition), The Earth Center temple and cultural center in the city of Tchaoudjo, Togo. These projects cannot move forward without funding.