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The Rising Firefly Volume 60

$7.00 $4.00

 The Disciple and Discipline


If you are educated by those who assassinated your parents, they will make you feel grateful for what they did. Read more in Firefly #60

In this Issue:

  • Pilgrim’s Walking Stick: Mental and Spiritual Cleanliness
  • The Quality of Resurrection
  • Sundiata Kieta: The Sosso King
  • Night Fire: Compassion
  • Tshwane & The Fight for South Africa


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Weight4.3 oz
Current Issue

Contents Spirituality The Pilgrim's Walking Stick: Humanity's Weakness The Initiate: Ancestral Rebirth In Search of the Gods: Ifugao of the Phillipines Our Mother's Light: The Path to Womanhood pt. II Ka'at Ibi: When A Sage Walks Culture Night Fire: The Mystery of Life Root Tones: Lifting the Veil of Entertainment BenBen: Tiempo de Siembra Philosophy Podium: Empty Ambitions Science & Reason The Greatest Victim Health & Issues: Harmonious Healing: Prostate Health pt III: Traditional Medical Treatments Earth Talk: Sex As A Choice pt II: Paedophilia & Prostitution In This Issue: Ankhkasta Healing Pilgrimage Meditations on The Philosophy Podium Book Modern Slavery: The US Penal System


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