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The Rising Firefly Volume 62

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The Jengili: The Importance of the Spiritual Alter

Product Description

It is very important to understand the magnitude of spiritual importance of the Jengili. The Jengili is considered to be the holiest area of a city, village, house or room. Read more about its importance in Volume 62 of the Firefly

In this Issue:

  • Pilgrim’s Walking Stick: Holy Genocides
  • From Demons to Deities
  • In Search of the Gods: Kemetic/MesoAmerican Connection Pt. II-The Olmecs
  • Herbal Health: Galangal
  • Modern Music, Forgotten Medicine
  • Harmonious Healing: Cataracts


Additional Information

Weight 4.3 oz
Current Issue

Contents Spirituality The Pilgrim’s Walking Stick: Humanity’s Weakness The Initiate: Ancestral Rebirth In Search of the Gods: Ifugao of the Phillipines Our Mother’s Light: The Path to Womanhood pt. II Ka’at Ibi: When A Sage Walks Culture Night Fire: The Mystery of Life Root Tones: Lifting the Veil of Entertainment BenBen: Tiempo de Siembra Philosophy Podium: Empty Ambitions Science & Reason The Greatest Victim Health & Issues: Harmonious Healing: Prostate Health pt III: Traditional Medical Treatments Earth Talk: Sex As A Choice pt II: Paedophilia & Prostitution In This Issue: Ankhkasta Healing Pilgrimage Meditations on The Philosophy Podium Book Modern Slavery: The US Penal System


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