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The Earth Center was founded in 1980 in Burkina Faso, as the Khepra Foundation, by Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig.  Khepra was an organization of traditional cultural activists and researchers.  The goal of the foundation was to provide a community which would ensure that the destiny of African people would be built based on their own specific value system. Khepra provided a forum for individuals to find solutions themselves to the problems that faced their community. It provided a community where traditionalists could join forces toward the preservation and strengthening of traditional spirituality and culture.

Khepra was a product of the independence movement of Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) led by Thomas Sankara.  The people of the world watched as Sankara’s regime led a renaissance of African culture.  They emphasized that it was shameful for a culture that had been self-sustained for millennia to now become dependent on France to dig its wells, to feed its communities, to provide its education, language and other necessities. They began the Ouagadougou Film Festival and the Art Festival that still serve as the two biggest cultural events of the country.  They also started many cultural centers, organizations and programs. This inspired people to take initiative and improve their country while being proud of their identity, history and customs. People were driven to gain true independence from France. On a national level, this drive was unfortunately weakened when Sankara was assassinated in 1987.

The priesthoods from the villages of Burkina Faso watched Sankara’s admirable effort but knew of the mistake that was made in his movement. The connection to the political institution of the colonisers was the downfall of the movement. If a movement is to be successful, it has to be based in the spiritual centers of the culture with no connection to the political institutions of the modern world.

After working with the members of the Khepra Foundation, with the blessings of the Gourmantche King Yoabili and the Dogon Elders, Master Naba travelled to the United States of America in 1996.  He began producing Choices Magazine which later was renamed The Rising Firefly. In 1998, The Earth Center became an authentic center and school from which to learn the knowledge of the traditional Dogon initiations.  It was brought back to the continent of Meritah by Master Naba in 2006 and was brought to London, England by Naba Iritah Shenmira in 2013.