Firefly Productions


Firefly ProductionsFirefly Production Publishing Branch "Illuminating the depths of the mind"

Firefly Productions is the publishing branch of The Earth Center. It is the branch responsible for disseminating the knowledge of the M’TAM schools (Traditional Kemet) throughout the colonial territories. Firefly Productions is home of the works of Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig and the writings of various M’TAM initiates. It is home to the (Kemetic) Sidereal Calendar, The Great Book of Divine Ordinances poster, The Mandala of Denderah poster, The Sunnyside Newspaper, The Bayuali Magazine also known as Le Societe de Thebes and The Rising Firefly Quarterly Magazine (formerly Chicago Firefly & Choices Magazine).

 You Can Find Our Products In These Store Locations:

Heritage Book and Music (online) Pan African Bookstore (Dallas, TX) The Black Mall (online)


Frontline Bookstore (Chicago, IL) Pyramid Books (Boynton Beach, FL) Culture Connection (Chicago, IL) Positive Vibes (Federal Way, WA) Positive Vibes (Yelp Page)


Zahra's Books-n-Things (Los Angeles, CA) Esso Won Books (Los Angeles, CA) KRST Unity (Los Angeles, CA)