M’TAM Personal Readings


Do not confuse Earth Energy Readings with psychic readings...they are very different! The reading of the energies, while very technical in nature, is also a very refined art that is learned only through intense initiations in Meritah (Africa). Earth Energy readings are very precise and, because of their nature, do not rely on "gifts" and intuition of the reader. Learning to read the Earth Energies is a very lengthy process - it requires many, many years of study in order to become adept in this field. Very few authentic Earth Energy readers come out of the Bush in Meritah (Africa)!

personal-readings-3There are two main channels of Earth Energies: the Bayuali and the Yenu. These are the energy channels through which all things that exist on Earth communicate with each other and the universe. The Bayuali channel is the channel which comes from the Earth, and these energies can be captured at any given time and can be read. Readings are truly life-changing experiences.

There is no limit as to what can be seen in a reading. Readings can cover a range of areas including love, money, career, the past, the present, the future, family, friends, spirits, ancestors, etc. If you were to ask one of the priests to tell you what you had eaten for lunch on your sixteenth birthday, it would be possible for them to answer that question. No question or situation is too difficult to be seen accurately and honestly, as long as it fits the protocols of the Ancestral energy science. Readings can be conducted via mail, email, and telephone. Readings are performed by experienced Dogon Priests in Burkina Faso. Due to the high volume of consultations, individuals will be required to pre pay when rescheduling a prior missed or canceled consultation. The duration of basic consultations is approximately 45 minutes, and are priced at $155 a a session. More in-depth readings are available at an additional cost. Mini-readings are priced at $60 per session. Name readings for newborn children and children under the age of 7 are priced at $155. Dream interpretations are priced at $60.

Interested? For further information on Readings or to schedule your Reading  please call... (773) 359-4160