A Kemetic Perspective

A Kem understands the world much differently than the modern human being. It is this difference in perspective that leads to different decisions and ultimately a different society with a different impact on the world. This is why we say: in order to change to world, we must start by changing ourselves. Here are some examples:


We understand that human beings are part of nature. We do not see nature as an enemy to be subdued. We are not separate from nature. What destroys nature also destroys us. In principle, a Kem is a preserver of life. We seek to function in harmony with nature instead of disconnecting and isolating ourselves from it. Traditionally, civilised humans have relied on the understanding of nature to fulfill our needs by domesticating plants and animals, charting the weather and seasons and building using the materials nature provides. It is only recently that we have begun to rely on methods that are purely destructive to life. For a Kem, this direction cannot be considered progress.


In Kemet, spirituality is a field of knowledge that does not rely on belief. We understand the physical existence to be created and influenced by the non-physical existence. The Divine Beings that are the architects of the Universe are non-physical in nature and not confined to a physical form. The Ancestors who have a huge impact on our destinies have died and left their bodies behind. Therefore the most important influences for a human being are non-physical in nature. It is necessary for us to make every possible effort to know how to interact with those worlds. This has been the obsession of Kemetic societies for over 100,000 years. In this time, humanity has gained immense technical knowledge in the field of spirituality. The modern idea of approaching spirituality through belief, while every technical field requires study and knowledge, is creating societies of people who are wholly unstable mentally and spiritually.


The Gods do not see human being in terms of race. This means that race is a purely man-made ideology. The quality of a human being has nothing to do with the color of their skin, hair or eyes. It is determined by one’s actions. A person’s actions are determined by thoughts and decisions. This is mostly a product of the individual’s education but has nothing to do with skin color, etc. The ideology of race was invented as a tactic to divide and conquer humanity. At The Earth Center, we recognise the impact that this ideology is having on humanity and who is suffering the most as a result of it, but we do not discriminate on the basis of race.

There are too many differences between the Kemetic perspective and the Modern perspective to express in this website. The publications produced by Firefly Productions, The Earth Center’s publishing branch, offer great insight into Kemetic Culture, principles, lifestyle, worldview, etc.

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