The Importance of the Name

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by

UK 3rd Generation graduates receiving Kemetic names

The Earth Center recently graduated the 3rd generation in the United Kingdom Dec 3rd. Upon being reborn into the Kemetic culture, each member receives a generational and personal  Kemetic name.

The modern view of existence and life in general is scary and hopeless when many of its ideologies and the projections of the future defined by the Indo-European culture seem to be promoting the human evolution while the many components this process clearly reveals worrisome signs, proving that humans have become instruments of destruction of the planet and lifestyle that we inherited from the first and original tenants of this place we call earth. From the time when the destiny of humanity unfortunately, fell in the hands of the uncultured and uncivilized groups of people dwelling from the other side of the Mediterranean sea, the sacred in human’s existence suddenly got covered with disdain and humans reduced to animals and wild without intelligence and principles. The ultimate ambition of these small groups of people who traveled from Europe was nothing better than managing to overthrow the pharaoh and to be on top of the world. This led to the destruction and looting of the Pharaonic temples and the original mystery schools of the mother civilization. The spiritual, cultural and universal principles were hijacked and soon after all these, the barbaric acts on people from the lands that are nowadays tagged as undeveloped or savage became lawful and rewarding. The new ideas for a propaganda for the march towards a better future for all of mankind, have then been drafted where the exploitation and expropriation, the denial and demonization of the original civilizations and cultures have also become the new way of life. The Divine made-world has been subjugated to the man-made world, and this is how the western leaders, philosophers, and thinkers established their version of civilization. A civilization of nonsenses and profanities, the civilization that moves forward and feeds on the animosity and ignorance of the individual.

Objectively, let’s admit that there is nothing new or good that the European plagiarists can claim to have contributed to the man of today’s existence. They have simply and genuinely overcome convincing people like you and me that the reality as we live it everyday is just an illusion and that our brains and process of thinking is too short and slow to question the future and hopes that they sell to us. After looting the traditional societies and realizing that human’s spirit is too big to control,  keeping that spirit in the vegetative state happened to be the last attempt that ended up working in the favor of those spiritual and intellectual gangsters of Europe.

In the last article of this column, we tried getting the human mind to refocus on the concept of dualism and its indivisibility. The adepts of the European beliefs have always thought that the human essence is dualistic (spirit-body) where the concept of an individual projects a possibility of the spirit and body being able to exist separately. It is until late 1800s, that the fathers of the modern world finally started waking up to the reality that when a human dies the spirit continues its journey and only the body gets affected by time. This is why the so-called advanced technologies and science of the modern societies have not yet been able to solve the mysteries around the diseases infesting their people. Because they have not yet come to the realization that spirit and body can not be separated and dealt exclusively, and not only that, they so tagged Masters, PhDs, and researchers in the western civilization must get out of their pride and ignorance so they can relearn old ways. A popular expression in our tradition says: “The old pots cook the best and healthy foods”.  How can a human move forward in life and existence without the knowledge or perception of him or her being a three-part entity (spirit-body-soul)?

This may be one of the reasons that led the oriental gurus, thinkers, and philosophers to conclude that human is a three-part entity composed of a spirit , a Body and a soul. Even then, we can understand that the arrogance of the oriental temples and their denial of the authority of the pharaohs seem to be the root of their misconception of human essence in existence. At this point, it is easily perceptible, even  with a naked eye that the culture that has been shouting out loud to be more evolved and most powerful is only based on a narrow mind that wants to lead the whole humanity with ideologies and logics that are too small to challenge even a fish brain.

Is the name an important part of our passage and initiation on earth? Can it be separated from the spirit, or the soul or the body ? If not why everything that exist that we perceive or not has a name? Again this is where any thinking being will start questioning where their names are coming from and what their meanings are? Do our names affect our destinies and everyday life?

Well, our civilization and culture in the valleys of Nile and Djoliba, for thousands of years have studied human life in existence and archived their discoveries in the temples and schools of mysteries. According to those archives, there is no living being in existence that is not a quadripartite. That include then, the Body – Soul – Spirit – Name. Can we, in all sincerity and with a spiritual and intellectual honesty identify the kind of living thing that exists and that has no name? We must rather say that all that exists has a name. If I was to tell you a story about someone that you know, but I left out their name, how would you ever know who I am talking about? This is practically how important the name is? Anyone is easily recognizable by that one aspect of them.

The Kemetic traditions, for thousands of years, have archives of names defining the destiny humans carry. The power of the name and its value has long been immortalized since the beginning of existence. Even the kings, the pharaohs, the prophets did not just choose their names at random or did not just put the letters to make their names sound pretty. Danielle, Jacqueline, Joseph: these examples of biblical names sound pretty. Mustafa, Abdul Aziz, Moussa, these are examples of Muslim names. Ask the average Joe or the parents who named their children these biblical Abrahamic names about the concepts or the meaning of the names they chose for their children, and one will be surprised to hear parents say “we just chose from the Bible or the Qur’an. We don’t know the meaning.” If you are lucky your parents will give you a meaning according to their understanding of that name you’re carrying, which will still not translate the destiny you came to achieve. Your name, which is supposed to identify you in the face of the universe, was chosen with no intelligence, no reason, no wisdom with your personality or destiny. The one thing which separates humans from the animal kingdom is the name. This is so because humans are capable of reasoning on a conscious level. Also, the act of thinking requires a language. And to think you have to have a language in which you’re thinking, which animals don’t have (through concepts, sounds, and vibrations). This is why the dog is called a dog, the lion a lion, an elephant an elephant…

To the man of modern societies, life and existence have certainly become culture-less and concept-less to the point where the only path of us that’s supposed to identify us from the rest in the face of the Earth is being bastardized. The name is more than just sounds and letters. The Romans have the expression “Nomen est omen”: the name is destiny. To give a name to a child is to give him or her the destiny. And a human with a meaningless name or a name that translates a destiny different than the one he or she is trying to achieve is one that is not living. He or she is just passing through life. This is to say that our names influence the course of our lives considerably.