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  • The Earth Center recently graduated the 3rd generation in the United Kingdom Dec 3rd. Upon being reborn into the Kemetic culture, each member receives a generational and personal  Kemetic name. The modern view of existence and life in general is scary and hopeless when many of its ideologies and the projections of the future defined

  • Initiation is the traditional rite of passage by which human beings learn how to live as human beings, cautious of how they fit into nature and into the overall existence. For 20 years, The Earth Center has been paving the way for individuals to reestablish their connection to their traditions by providing a unique education

Sidereal 417 Cover
The theme for Sidereal Calendar 417 is 20 years of The Earth Center in the West. The model for the zodiac signs, astrology, the constellations, and horoscopes is found in the Sidereal Calendar. All other zodiacs, such as the Greek and Chinese, are...


  • Ouagadougou, BF (West Africa Headquarters)
  • Chicago, IL Maanu (U.S.A Headquarters)
  • Birmingham, UK (United Kingdom Headquarters)
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Houston, TX
  • Jamaica, NY (Store Front)
  • San Diego, CA
  • London, UK
  • Montréal, Canada