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    L.A. Initiation 724 N LaBrea Ave Inglewood, CA 90302 Registration closes September 28, 2014 323.207.8660 London, United Kingdom School United Kingdom September 2014   07551551294 The Earth Center’s M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy & Spirituality offers the initiatic education as taught in the traditions of Kemet since the Pharaonic period. In order to make the initiatic education

  • Naba Priests in front of one of the shrines of the temple in the village of Tambiga
just outside of Fada N’Gourma in Burkina Faso.

    Since the close of Misra (the capital of Kemet located along the Nile River Valley), traditional Kemetic spirituality has lost a major portion of it’s followers to the Abrahamic beliefs that have not yet ceased their rampage. Long mis- perceived by many modern believers to be witchcraft, paganism, and demonic religion, traditional spiritual practices of

The Sidereal Calendar is humanity’s oldest calendar. This calendar was used during the times of the Pharaohs, and it is still in use today in specific parts of Meritah (Traditional Africa). Purchase your own calendar as a symbol of your...


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